Monday, October 25, 2010

Picture frames and Pillow Stuffing

Each year around this time there are two things you can count on happening, the state fair and the local Junior Leagues shopping Spree!  This year, I actually made it to both!  
The fair was...well, the fair!  Lot's of people watching, animal smelling, deep fried food eating OK time.  I could go into a long rant on how these 3 people (who shall remain nameless) failed to inform the naive northern transplant on proper fair etiquette, thus resulting in multiple BAD food choices for myself...

but I won't!  I'm not bitter, I swear!
 I'm more informed for next year and will eat less of this:
and more of this...
Hands OFF ladies...this one is mine
I had MUCH better luck at the Spree!  Big thanks to my friend Paige who got tickets for me and my MIL and also for giving me a heads up on good stuff to look for!!  Even with an ADORABLE new baby to take care of, Paige always manages to stay up to date on all the new trends...and her blog Lemon Petals help keep me up to date too!  (shameless friend plug)

 SO, one thing she told me to keep an eye out for was super cute fabric picture frame mats.  We did find them, and as I was rummaging through trying to figure out how many to buy my super smart mother in law said to me: "you can make that!"  And I quickly followed up with, "ya know, you're right!!  I can!" 
No time like the present for a challenge, so I made a quick stop at AC Moore to picture up some mats and frames (super cheap, less than $10) and a few hours later had this:

I LOVE them!  I had the fabric left over from the cushions I made for our kitchen bench, so I figure these will go in the kitchen somewhere with wedding pictures...when I get them back from the photographer!

I got ambitious and tried one more small project making a pillow out of a place mat.  I forgot to take a before picture but it was a pretty place mat I got on sale for about $2. I made a small opening in the seam on one end and stuffed it with pillow stuffing and then stitched it closed again!  Viola!  I had a pillow!!
Unfortunately these are the only photo's I have of that pillow...

Somebody with 4 legs and a Grey coat decided he didn't like the pillow.  Doesn't he look pathetic hiding behind the table.  I decided that would be the end of my weekend projects!


  1. Oh and Duke would make a great team! D-man loves himself a good pillow.

  2. hysterical and unfortunate all at the same time. i love your picture frames! you are too crafty kelly coble, too crafty.