Monday, October 4, 2010

Front Door Facelift

To put it bluntly, I hate our front door!  

To me, a front door is the focal point of a house.  It can make it or break it...and ours broke it a long time ago and nobody bothered to fix it!  It has also been a topic of contention between my husband and I.  I am aching to replace the door, and it's on his long list of unnecessary home improvements!  Typically we would disregard his opinion, except it's not that easy when it requires cutting out a portion of your house.  I consulted my family handy man and there were a few too many steps involved!  Not something I'm comfortable doing without hubby's blessing.  So I improvised!!

Here are the only before pictures I could find, I guess I didn't care to capture the beauty of what was...

Just for good measure, had to add one with grey dog!

And for the face lift I added a fresh coat of black RustOleum  paint, some new brass house numbers and a simple kick plate!  I picked this all up at Lowes for under $30.  I also picked up a pretty wreathe at Target I can use all year round.  I can just tie a different colored bow to it depending on the season!

I think it makes a big difference!  I just need to get around to taking down the old house numbers...and replacing that ugly light!  Until then, I'm happy with my new door that greets me when I come home.

Of course I'll continue to dream about the doors I'd really like to have...