Monday, October 25, 2010

Mirror Mirror leaning on the wall

I've kicked it into high gear on home projects the past two weeks and have lots to share!!

First I'll let you in on what the wood from Lowes was for. 
The previous home owners left quite a few "gifts" for us as I've mentioned, but I was determined to make use of one specific item they left behind.  They had a plain piece of mirror glass hanging over the fireplace, no frame, just a large piece of mirror.
Isn't it  pretty...
So I have always wanted a huge floor mirror that you lean against the wall, but they're so darn expensive!!  That is unless you're my friend Jenn who finds a fantastic one for a STEAL at the flea market!  I was quite jealous when she brought that home!  Of course there was a humorous story to go along with it involving a bull mastiff, a jeep wrangler and her determined husband.  Jenn has lots of interesting adventures.  If you want a good chuckle check out her blog for taste of her daily rants 

OK, back to ME!  Long story short, I decided I would build myself a floor length mirror!! 
Here's my progress so far...
I started out thinking I could just use a hammer and nails for  this project...

I quickly realized after about 20 bent nails I would need to break out the screwdriver...either that or buy bigger nails and I had the screws screw it was!

I had to do some cutting as well.  Apparently my measurements at Lowes were not perfect.  Either that or their measuring was wrong!

Hubs was enjoying watching me work...

Grey Dog was enjoying watching as well...and not happy about the fact we wouldn't let him outside!

I worked and worked and it grew and grew...

Finally we let Grey dog out...he proved it was sturdy at least!
Forgot to take a picture of the front before I laid it down back in the house

The mirror will sit in the center cut out surrounded by the pine boards which I plan to beat up a little before I stain the whole thing.
So this is as far as I've gotten on the mirror project...mainly because Bryan has been traveling a lot lately and it's too heavy for me to carry back outside to work on!!  This is why I need a workshop!!!  Maybe someday...


  1. Did I spot a pair of TOMS (slate to be exact) sitting nicely on your feet?? Obsessed and on my list for Santa this year ;)

  2. You did! :) I figure I was making a charitable donation by purchasing myself a pair.

  3. thanks for the shout out and i can't believe you're making a giant mirror - you are a carpenter! and i like your toms as well - good color (gunnar grey!)

  4. Forgive me but I live in Myrtle Beach where there is no such thing as fashion and I have to depend on my friends to keep me updated. What are Tom's?

  5. TOMS are shoes and each time you buy a pair they give a free pair to a child in need. They're really basic, some might say ugly, but they're very comfy and easy to slip on. Good Stuff!