Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Front Door Update

Remember the super cute and versatile wreathe I purchased for our front door…well here’s what it looks like now!

I was looking back at the “after” picture I posted last week and realized something was off.  The wreath was hanging WAY too low.  It was practically in the middle of the door!  Seeing as how I was traveling at the time, it inevitably had to wait a few days.  So upon arriving home I dropped my luggage in the living room (Bryan LOVES when I return from trips) and almost immediately started trying to fix the wreathe.  After all, it was the first thing I noticed when I got home.    Two seconds later, CRASH!

Ahhhhh…it was the perfect ending to my very long week.

(In case you are wondering, as I was attempting to shorten the string hanging from the top, the anchor pulled out of the wreathe, it fell to the floor and I now have two half moons.  I blame shoddy construction)

So, do I try and replace the wreathe or do I add some more hardware…who doesn’t love a knocker??

In the mean time we hit the farmers market this weekend and I did my best to make the rest of the porch look festive! 

Did I mention I love fall!!

(UGG!! Now I notice the stairs needs painting...I sense another project coming!)

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  1. i'm sorry for your loss but i do like the "fallscape" very much. even though i like the knocker, i am a sucker for a good wreath, i say give it another go!