Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I heart Lonny

If you don't know Lonny you need to! 

Lonny is a wonderfully inspiring magazine/blog/website/resource epicenter of everything that is design!!!

  Okay, so my portrayal might be a little over the top, but I LOVE IT!  What started out as a simple online magazine has become a go to for ideas and inspiration for designers all across the country!  If you prefer your reading material in the paper format as opposed to virtual format, you can purchase hard copies of current and eventually past editions.  The price tag is a little hefty at $34 an issue, but it’s for a quality print choc full o’ stimulating information.  If you like interior design, fashion design, architect design etc. etc. you need to read Lonny! I probably get a little TOO excited when each new issue is released.  

Here are some images from the new Oct/Nov issue that have me drooling

 I can't live without a fireplace and would die to have one like this peek-a-boo between two rooms!

 I want a lantern over my dining room table...I need a dining room table first though

 I love a good mix of masculine and feminine taste! The dark wood is so dramatic but the light paint and fabric makes it so inviting!

These green walls make me smile.  I wonder if I could do a green wall in my house somewhere...

 I was just discussing closets with one of my favorite people this morning!  Haley, something like this could probably work for us!! ;)
 Another fantastic surprise was that one of my favorite bloggers, Miss Katie Armour, was also featured in Lonny this month!  She contributed to the holiday gift guide...aaaand now I want a sequin scarf!!

She has great taste that mixes trendy with traditional and classical!  I typically drool over all the beautiful things she blogs about.  If you haven't checked out her blog I highly recommend it!

That's it for today...I'm off to see if a green wall will work somewhere in my house...

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  1. Sequin scarf?! Yes please! PS- you're my fave too ;)