Friday, October 8, 2010

Air Travel

I don't care what anybody say's...air travel is NOT FUN anymore!!!!  I don't think I've mentioned this before but both hubby and I travel a lot for work.  Yes we work for the same company.  Yes we were/are a clique office romance.  Never did i think I would be that statistic...but we're happy so i guess there's something to say about dating those you work with.

Anywho, back to air travel, it just STINKS!!!  (I am trying not to use fowl language on my blog for those who know me!)  I have spent a lot of time the past week in an airport.  More time than necessary...and I'm about to lose it!  I write to you from a random massage chair i found abandoned in the Nashville airport.  A young boy just ran by and kicked my seat.  His parents you ask...sitting in a corner typing on a blackberry not paying attention.  Last Friday I sat while my flight was delayed for almost 8 hours!!!!  Yesterday I somehow managed to leave my cell phone in the car and realized it after I went through security.  I asked the kind security guard if he could watch my bag as i ran back to my car and he simply nodded no.  No sound,  just a shake of the head back and forth.  Thank god I had already bought a bottle of water I would need to finish before going through security for a 2nd time.  I quenched my thirst after running, with my bags, back to my car!

I will now stop myself from rambling any further because I am clearly using this to vent at the moment.  I have about a million and one other stories about how air travel stinks...just ask me about my honeymoon that has yet to be!!!  (We're trying for honeymoon take #2 in a month wooohooo).  Hope you are having a MUCH better Friday night than myself.  I can't wait to be home with hubs and Grey Dog and definitely looking forward to a day of tailgating and football tomorrow!!!  GO PACK!!

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