Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Bean beyond the tote

L.L. Bean catalogs were a constant in our house growing up, in fact I'm pretty sure my grandfather was a walking advertisement for the bean! 
Our go to bean staple was always the beloved TOTE BAG!
These days they come in all shapes and colors!

The original!
(I just recently purchase two new ones for myself...uhhh, I mean Bryan and I!  1 large with regular handles with "our" monogram and 1 medium with long handles and my new monogram. I love them!)

The Zip top
Design your own!
I'm thinking Grey Dog and Hubs might like one of these for hunting days!

Of course I also had the standard monogrammed backpack growing up,

(which I'm disappointed to see is no longer available in purple)

however my likes have seldomly gone beyond the tote and backpack...that is until recently!  I am loving what they are doing with their new L.L. Bean Signature collection...and I'm not the only one noticing either!!  Marianne over at Haven and Home blog is finding joy in their new collection as well.
Here are a few things I might add to my wish list:


Find anything new this fall that you like?

All Images L.L. Bean

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