Thursday, October 14, 2010

Cider me this and Cider me that!

I don't know about you but I think APPLES when I think fall.  
And not those bitter bright green Granny Smith Apples, I'm talking big RED Delicious apples!!!  The kind you can make cider with!!!

Don't get too excited, I don't actually make my own cider, I just like to drink all the yummy forms it comes in.  Let us count the ways...

Regular Apple Cider all on it's own
Story time!!!  When I was little we used to buy apple cider and homemade cinnamon and white powder sugar donuts from a little market by us named Geiger's (sadly Geigers is closed now).  The donuts came in a plastic bag that they would dump either cinnamon sugar or white powdered sugar in and then shake up to coat the donuts.  Not those nothing donuts that are like eating air, they were thick with donut dough and had crispy edges!  We would buy a gallon of cider and two bags of donuts (1 cinnamon and 1 white powder) and dunk our donuts in the cider. SOoooooooo good!!!  
I was just in New Jersey a week or so ago and Papa Murph and I were craving some Geiger's donuts and cider!  Sadly we couldn't go get them...even sadder Papa Murph thought they were still open =(
I did however find this awesome ad from a 1963 newspaper for Geiger's...I need to frame it and blow it up somehow...

Moving on.  Next up...

Cider Beer

It's beer, with a cider twist!  It's a perfect fall thirst quencher!  Just be careful, don't let it's light tastiness fool you, it tends to be a bit stronger than your typical light beers.  Here's some of my favorites:


Finally...Mulled Spiced Cider

Now, I've never actually made mulled spiced cider before, but I've drank it...and it's divine!  It's perfect for those cooler fall nights...especially if it's a little dreary and rainy out!  Coco & Kelly recently posed a recipe for mulled spiced cider here.  I am waiting for the perfect cold dreary night to test it out...I just need to get my lazy rear end to the grocery store to pick up the right ingredients. Details, details...

 So clearly I'm a bit cider obsessed.  I'm okay with it. 


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  2. As you know I no longer drink beer and have completely become obsessed with cider! Food Lion has hornsby's on sale for only $6.99. Just sayin..