Friday, February 24, 2012

32 Weeks

So 32 divided by 4 equals 8 right...oh my god I'm 8 months pregnant!!!  That sounds frightening!  The good news though is that everybody is full of shit when they tell you you're pregnant for 9 months!  Do the math.  Full term pregnancy is 40 weeks.  40 divided by 4 equals 10!!!!!!!!  
Why does everybody lie to you your whole life and it's not until you are actually "with child" that it dawns on you this is for more like 10 months, NOT 9! 
I'm ok with it though, I'm not quite prepared for the "final countdown yet"

We're off to NJ for the weekend for the Northern contingency baby shower!  I'm very excited to see lots of friends and family because who knows when we'll return.  And when we do come back it will be a family of 3!!  (Family of 4 if you count Gunnar.  Good thing he can't read or work a computer)

Stats of the Week 
Size of baby: 16.7 inches and about 3.75lbs...roughly the size of a jicama?!?!  I have to friggin idea what a jicama is!  It also says I should be gaining about a pound per week and half of that goes to the baby. 
A. thank God half of that is going to the baby 
B. where is the other half going 
C. That would explain why I'm eating enough to feed a small Somalian army!

What I miss:  Being able to lift and move heavy objects.  There is still a lot that needs to be done around the house and I feel very limitted

Best Moment this week: Hmmm...probably having Bryan actually AGREE to use the netti pot to help whatever sinus thing he has going on thus causing him to sound like a freight train at night
What baby likes AKA cravings: I'm realizing I'm resorting back to my favorite child hood foods...we currently have multiple boxes of mac n cheese, a few cans of spagetti-O's and a box of Lucky Charms at the house.  Yum yum!  Healthy too...right??? 

Movement:  Recently, baby has discovered my rib cage and apparently likes to nestle up there!  It makes sitting rather uncomfortable and slightly painful...on the plus side it gives my boobs a nice place to rest now that my stomach is a bit higher!

Sleep:  Not good this week.  Not good at all.  God willing Netti pot will fix our problems and help!  That and Gunnar will get the memo to stop jumping on our bed in the middle of the night! 

Looking Forward to: Heading to NJ this weekend for my shower up there and getting to see lots of friends and family...and meet baby Hailey Rose Wilson!!!!! 

Picture:  I'll get some shower pictures up soon...

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


I came across this photo and just have to share something that I am so very very VERY thankful for...

I am so thankful that I DO NOT look like Jessica Simpson at the present moment!!!!
Might be time to switch to flats sweet heart, I don't think the sky high heels are having the same slimming effect as they used to...

Monday, February 20, 2012

House Projects...

For those who have been asking, here is the update on the recent "built in" work we had done at the house.  

Let's start with the kitchen, which was missing one big thing...seating!  It's a decent size, but we had nowhere to sit down.  Our table from the old house is too big and has since become our dining room table.  We also didn't have any chairs in the old kitchen since we had the built in bench seat and small white bench which has since been repurposed.  Of course I immediately wanted built in bench seating again.  

Here's a progression of the kitchen transformation:
Note the dog crate on the left...perfect little nook for some seating!

Here's the only shot of the nook I have after paint

This is the drawing I came up with for what I wanted
 The next step was putting our friend Will to work!

I also ordered a new table which we love

And Viola!!  Don't you love it!

Of course I had to make some new bench cushions, the plaid print in the background is going to become throw pillows...once I become better acquainted with my sewing machine ;)

The back bench has storage under the cushion but these pullout drawers are by far my favorite!

Next up was the family room.  Something was missing in my opinion...
A real fireplace was a must for me when buying a new house, but I prefer for it to be the heart of a room.  This fireplace just kind of looked plopped there

I had one idea in mind, Will had another and we met in the middle and he got to work!

Looking good, but not quite there yet

Much better!  We also added a darker green paint to the back wall to make it more of an accent

And here we are decorated

The super cute knobs I found are quite possibly one of my favorite things

We went back and added the curved moulding under the mantle as well to bring out the curve in the brick and the curve we added to the top of the bookcases

And again before:
And After - Love it!

Finally I found this image on Pinterest which inspired the last project. 
Our garage door is becoming the most frequently used entrance in our house for us and our friends.  I realized we needed to spruce up the entrance area a bit and also create a "drop space" for coats and bags etc.
I had the bench already from the old house, I just needed the moulding and hooks. 


I'm pretty sure you can pick up the same hooks at Lowes, but I paid .50 cents more for the cool weathered look they have, thanks Anthropologie

 I added the key ring hooks to the end for easy access

So that's where we are today!  So very happy with out everything turned out!  I still have so many projects I want to tackle, but we have decided we need to refocus our energy on that "other project" which arrives in 2 short months!!!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

31 Weeks

Oh the difference a week makes!!!  Last week I could barely move without shrieking in pain and today I am feeling MUCH better!  I think a combination of the chiropractor and my wonderful baby picking a new position has helped alleviate the sciatica pain.  Sure there's still a little twitch now and then, but no where near like it was last week.  Fingers crossed baby decides to stay OFF my nerve for awhile!!

Stats of the Week 
Size of baby:  16 inches long and about 3.3lbs or the size of 4 naval oranges!!  I guess there wasn't an individual fruit that would work this week.  What scares me is the next sentence I read on my weekly baby update: "Baby is heading into a growth spurt!"  Oh lordy, I guess now is when the Shamoo feelings begin

What I miss:  sleeping through the night

Best Moment this week: Having my back start to feel better!!

What baby likes AKA cravings:Lately it seems like everything.  I went from feeling full after eating a small amount to now being hungry ALL THE DAMN TIME!  Now I've always been somewhat of a grazer, but this is ridiculous.  I feel like I could eat all day!!  Of course I still prefer the cookies over the fruit and veggies, but I'm trying to force myself to eat the healthy stuff.  Easier said than done when for valentines my husband handed me a bag of all my favorite preggo candy...mostly involving peanut butter and chocolate.  And of course a bag of gummy those!  OH, and what did I give him...I made a batch of brownie cookies and cut them out in the shape of hearts, because clearly we need more sweets around the house!

Movement:  Lots of it lately, and now I have to start keeping track every day, because I have nothing better to do than count the number of the time the little nugget kicks me in my ribs!

Sleep:  Could be worse...could be better...

Looking Forward to: seeing some old college friends/sorority sisters this weekend!

Picture: Here we are, a little more put together than last week!  Unfortunately you may also notice a little bit of "fat face".  It is an unfortunate condition that has started to develop the past week.  I'm trying to combat this by upping my water intake three fold...this also ups my bathroom visits 10 fold...

Friday, February 10, 2012

30 Weeks!!

Missed a bad.  
We've been busy little beavers at the Coble house trying to wrap up some projects.  Expect another post in the next day or two near future to show what we've been up to.  I have declared however that we are taking a break from house projects for a bit!  I'm reaching a breaking point...or maybe I'm reaching my nesting point.  I can't stand living in disarray anymore and want to get our house in order!  I like to be prepared, and right now...I don't feel prepared. 
 I have an exciting weekend ahead of me!  My mom is scheduled to arrive on a 1:30 flight from NJ and I'm pretty sure we'll immediately go shopping.  It's what we do best.  We'll need to be home by 4 however because the crib is being delivered today!!!  I'm very excited about this!  Then tomorrow the fun continues since my wonderful friend Jenn is hosting a baby shower for me.  It will be nice to see lots of Bryan's family members that we don't see often enough and celebrate Baby Coble for a little bit!

Ok, here's where we're at this week.  Unfortunately it's not the best of updates.

Stats of the Week 
Size of baby:  15.7 inches long and almost 3lbs!!  Again it says like a head of cabbage, I'm assuming this is an American cabbage this time around.  

What I miss:  The rest of my wardrobe I haven't touched in months

Best Moment this week: Let's see if I can turn a negative into a positive unexpected trip to the doctor yesterday confirmed the baby appears to be head down already!!  Typically this would be a good thing, however it's head is now pressed on my sciatic nerve.  I won't bore you with all the details, but I'm in pain.  A lot of pain.  In the past week I have been to a massage therapist, a chiropractor and then my regular OB doctor.  Unfortunately there is no quick fix, but I'm going to continue with the chiropractor and my doctor armed me with some exercises and different things to try to get the baby to move.  (The massage therapist felt wonderful...but unfortunately will not do the trick.  Darn!)  All I can do at this point is hope the baby changes position soon...and keep moving v e r y s l o w l y.

What baby likes AKA cravings:Blue box kraft mac n cheese.  I asked Bryan to pick up a box at the grocery store the other night and he came home with 4 boxes.  I looked at him funny and asked why he got so many and his response was "I'm not sure if you realize this, but you have been asking for kraft mac n cheese rather often.  I figured I would save us a few trip to the grocery store and pick up more than one box this time."  Haha...whoops! 

Movement:  Clearly not enough...lots of arm swinging and leg kicking, but I need baby to move it's whole body!!! 

Sleep:  Not too good at all lately.  It's very difficult to get comfortable and getting in and out of bed with the nerve pain is close to impossible.  I'm probably waking up at least every other if not every hour.  The bags are starting to form under my eyes.  I guess I should get used to this. 

Looking Forward to: My baby shower this weekend and getting to spend some time with friends and family!

Picture: This photo is not flattering in the least, but at least you can clearly see how sleep deprived I look...AKA I look like shit. judging.  It's been a long week.  At least I gave you a photo.