Monday, February 20, 2012

House Projects...

For those who have been asking, here is the update on the recent "built in" work we had done at the house.  

Let's start with the kitchen, which was missing one big thing...seating!  It's a decent size, but we had nowhere to sit down.  Our table from the old house is too big and has since become our dining room table.  We also didn't have any chairs in the old kitchen since we had the built in bench seat and small white bench which has since been repurposed.  Of course I immediately wanted built in bench seating again.  

Here's a progression of the kitchen transformation:
Note the dog crate on the left...perfect little nook for some seating!

Here's the only shot of the nook I have after paint

This is the drawing I came up with for what I wanted
 The next step was putting our friend Will to work!

I also ordered a new table which we love

And Viola!!  Don't you love it!

Of course I had to make some new bench cushions, the plaid print in the background is going to become throw pillows...once I become better acquainted with my sewing machine ;)

The back bench has storage under the cushion but these pullout drawers are by far my favorite!

Next up was the family room.  Something was missing in my opinion...
A real fireplace was a must for me when buying a new house, but I prefer for it to be the heart of a room.  This fireplace just kind of looked plopped there

I had one idea in mind, Will had another and we met in the middle and he got to work!

Looking good, but not quite there yet

Much better!  We also added a darker green paint to the back wall to make it more of an accent

And here we are decorated

The super cute knobs I found are quite possibly one of my favorite things

We went back and added the curved moulding under the mantle as well to bring out the curve in the brick and the curve we added to the top of the bookcases

And again before:
And After - Love it!

Finally I found this image on Pinterest which inspired the last project. 
Our garage door is becoming the most frequently used entrance in our house for us and our friends.  I realized we needed to spruce up the entrance area a bit and also create a "drop space" for coats and bags etc.
I had the bench already from the old house, I just needed the moulding and hooks. 


I'm pretty sure you can pick up the same hooks at Lowes, but I paid .50 cents more for the cool weathered look they have, thanks Anthropologie

 I added the key ring hooks to the end for easy access

So that's where we are today!  So very happy with out everything turned out!  I still have so many projects I want to tackle, but we have decided we need to refocus our energy on that "other project" which arrives in 2 short months!!!

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  1. wow! love it all, especially the hook/bench area by the garage - awesome! i can't wait to hang something on it!