Friday, February 24, 2012

32 Weeks

So 32 divided by 4 equals 8 right...oh my god I'm 8 months pregnant!!!  That sounds frightening!  The good news though is that everybody is full of shit when they tell you you're pregnant for 9 months!  Do the math.  Full term pregnancy is 40 weeks.  40 divided by 4 equals 10!!!!!!!!  
Why does everybody lie to you your whole life and it's not until you are actually "with child" that it dawns on you this is for more like 10 months, NOT 9! 
I'm ok with it though, I'm not quite prepared for the "final countdown yet"

We're off to NJ for the weekend for the Northern contingency baby shower!  I'm very excited to see lots of friends and family because who knows when we'll return.  And when we do come back it will be a family of 3!!  (Family of 4 if you count Gunnar.  Good thing he can't read or work a computer)

Stats of the Week 
Size of baby: 16.7 inches and about 3.75lbs...roughly the size of a jicama?!?!  I have to friggin idea what a jicama is!  It also says I should be gaining about a pound per week and half of that goes to the baby. 
A. thank God half of that is going to the baby 
B. where is the other half going 
C. That would explain why I'm eating enough to feed a small Somalian army!

What I miss:  Being able to lift and move heavy objects.  There is still a lot that needs to be done around the house and I feel very limitted

Best Moment this week: Hmmm...probably having Bryan actually AGREE to use the netti pot to help whatever sinus thing he has going on thus causing him to sound like a freight train at night
What baby likes AKA cravings: I'm realizing I'm resorting back to my favorite child hood foods...we currently have multiple boxes of mac n cheese, a few cans of spagetti-O's and a box of Lucky Charms at the house.  Yum yum!  Healthy too...right??? 

Movement:  Recently, baby has discovered my rib cage and apparently likes to nestle up there!  It makes sitting rather uncomfortable and slightly painful...on the plus side it gives my boobs a nice place to rest now that my stomach is a bit higher!

Sleep:  Not good this week.  Not good at all.  God willing Netti pot will fix our problems and help!  That and Gunnar will get the memo to stop jumping on our bed in the middle of the night! 

Looking Forward to: Heading to NJ this weekend for my shower up there and getting to see lots of friends and family...and meet baby Hailey Rose Wilson!!!!! 

Picture:  I'll get some shower pictures up soon...

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