Thursday, February 16, 2012

31 Weeks

Oh the difference a week makes!!!  Last week I could barely move without shrieking in pain and today I am feeling MUCH better!  I think a combination of the chiropractor and my wonderful baby picking a new position has helped alleviate the sciatica pain.  Sure there's still a little twitch now and then, but no where near like it was last week.  Fingers crossed baby decides to stay OFF my nerve for awhile!!

Stats of the Week 
Size of baby:  16 inches long and about 3.3lbs or the size of 4 naval oranges!!  I guess there wasn't an individual fruit that would work this week.  What scares me is the next sentence I read on my weekly baby update: "Baby is heading into a growth spurt!"  Oh lordy, I guess now is when the Shamoo feelings begin

What I miss:  sleeping through the night

Best Moment this week: Having my back start to feel better!!

What baby likes AKA cravings:Lately it seems like everything.  I went from feeling full after eating a small amount to now being hungry ALL THE DAMN TIME!  Now I've always been somewhat of a grazer, but this is ridiculous.  I feel like I could eat all day!!  Of course I still prefer the cookies over the fruit and veggies, but I'm trying to force myself to eat the healthy stuff.  Easier said than done when for valentines my husband handed me a bag of all my favorite preggo candy...mostly involving peanut butter and chocolate.  And of course a bag of gummy those!  OH, and what did I give him...I made a batch of brownie cookies and cut them out in the shape of hearts, because clearly we need more sweets around the house!

Movement:  Lots of it lately, and now I have to start keeping track every day, because I have nothing better to do than count the number of the time the little nugget kicks me in my ribs!

Sleep:  Could be worse...could be better...

Looking Forward to: seeing some old college friends/sorority sisters this weekend!

Picture: Here we are, a little more put together than last week!  Unfortunately you may also notice a little bit of "fat face".  It is an unfortunate condition that has started to develop the past week.  I'm trying to combat this by upping my water intake three fold...this also ups my bathroom visits 10 fold...

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  1. umm, you don't have fat face! you look beautiful. and i am loving the bookshelves in the background!