Thursday, January 17, 2013

Months 7 and 8

Hi there.  

Don't worry, I'm not going to bore you with the details of our hectic life in an attempt to justify my complete failure at keeping up with the blog.  I'm just going to say that life is busy, and well, the monthly updates fell to the bottom on the priority list lately!  
Let's see if I can I can do a quick recap of November and December and then I'll just bombard you with pictures!

We ended October with Charlotte's first Halloween.  She couldn't decide on just one outfit, so she went with two looks for the day.  A cute outfit with pumpkin hat for daytime and she rocked her ladybug costume better than any ladybug I've ever seen that night!  We went to our good friends the Coltrera's that night for their annual Halloween chili gathering, but unfortunately I was coming down with something quick and we had to cut the night short.  Pretty sure I ended up in bed the next few days and had to get myself a zpack to get back on my feet.  
November saw Charlotte's FIRST pony ride!!!  She took a liking to riding her rocking horse (which belonged to me as a young'n) and she even rode a real live pony thanks to her Aunt Haley who is a horse trainer!  Ironically, she rode the real pony before she ever rode the wooden one!  She loved every minute of it, and Bryan and I are pretty sure we should start saving up now for riding lessons in the future!  
(Glad we have a professional in the family, wink wink)
We traveled up to New Jersey for Thanksgiving this year and had a wonderful visit spending time with family and friends!  Some trips to NC had to be cancelled in October due to the wrath of Sandy, so some much needed grandparent time was in order!  Bryan and I enjoyed catching up on a little sleep too!  And thanks to Sesame Street on the ipad, the drive was a little more tolerable.  Don't judge.

December got here fast this year, but we were excited for it!  We had a nice outing with friends to the annual North Hills Christmas tree lighting in Raleigh and enjoyed a few nights out for various Christmas parties.  Big thanks to Bryan's mom for babysitting!!  She even had her first sleepover at their house, which meant Bryan and I had our first night out with no baby responsibilities since last April!  We hit the town with a big group of friends and coined the evening "Parents gone wild 2012".  We had some drinks and saw a great band and really enjoyed ourselves.  We I had fun decorating our house this year since it was the first year we were in our new home for Christmas.  We went with two trees (to Bryan's dismay)!  I needed to have one in the big front windows of the house, but wanted one in the family room where we spend most of our time.  (Hopefully another large scale home improvement project will take shape soon and we won't have this issue next year!!)  
We decided to spend Christmas with BOTH families this year!  How do you ask?  We spent Christmas Eve in North Carolina with Bryans family and had a wonderful afternoon and dinner at his parents.  We then woke up at about 4am, hit the road and were having appies and drinking mimosas in New Jersey by 12:30ish!  We had a great time and were glad we could see everybody! (but don't think we'll be doing the 4am Christmas morning drive again!)  I have to say I think Uncle Adam came out on top with his gift for Charlotte.  Not only did he get her a red radio flyer wagon, but he got her the ATW version - All Terrain Wagon!  I guess he figured it was appropriate for a little Carolina girl!  Charlotte LOVED it!!  (along with all of the other amazing presents received!  She was very spoiled this Christmas)

As for Charlotte she is growing by leaps and bounds and really keeping us on our toes!!  You can't turn your back on this girl for a second or she's GONE!  Still crawling, but standing up on everything and slowing starting to walk holding on.  She'll even stand now without holding onto anything, but falls after about 10 seconds.  She is still as happy as ever and cut her first two teeth on the bottom right around Christmas Eve!  She's sleeping great and eating great and Gunnar is still her best friend.  I have a feeling the fun is just beginning!

ok ok, enough with my rambling!  Here's your photos!
Hopefully it won't take me another 3 months to get back here again!!