Friday, March 30, 2012

Bad dog

It's hard to imagine that this face could do any wrong...

But it seems the closer we get to Baby Coble making it's debut, the more Gunnar is expressing his dissatisfaction over adding a new addition to the family. 
To say my fur baby is not excited about the person baby coming would be an understatement.
For those of you who don't know, Gunnar has a voice.  We're pretty sure this is what he's been saying lately:
"What have you done!  I hate you both, but mostly you mom."

Two days ago there was the eaten baby DVD incident. 
This morning I came out of the shower and this greeted me outside the bathroom door

What is it you might ask, well it's my packing list for my hospital bag.  He ate nothing else, just my list. 
He also slept next to my hospital bag pile last night...

He has a nice cozy bed on the other side of the room

Perhaps we have spoiled this dog just a tad too much the past 3 years...

I'm confident that once he realizes we're not replacing  him and that the baby is part of his "pack", that he'll be just fine.  Unfortunately, in the mean time, all you hear is a lot of "BAD DOG" around our house lately. 
If nothing else, he'll teach the baby about sharing...considering he's already helped himself to half the toys in his/her toy basket! 



  1. oh gunnar, you are in for a rude awakening! not sure if i've ever seen the one of him and bryan on the couch, that is amazing, and i can only imagine what his voice was saying while laying there.

  2. "mom, i only ate your list because i don't want you to go to the hospital and leave me. have the baby here, i'll even let you use my dog bed for delivery." poor g-bear! it'll be okay.