Thursday, April 5, 2012

38 weeks! Tick Tock...tick...tock...

Well, here we are...week 38.  
I'll be honest, a small part of me thought Baby Coble would be here by now, but I guess he/she's not done cooking yet.  I had my weekly doctors appointment and I came somewhat close to smacking the doctor who saw me, or at least giving him a piece of my mind.  See, at my practice you see all the doctors in the practice and whoever is on call the day you go into labor is the lucky winner to deliver your bundle of joy.  From what I understand a lot of OB offices operate this way now.  Let's just say we're hoping Dr. Bernstien isn't on call the night our little angel decides to come into the world.  
Here's some highlights of our conversation yesterday:

Obnoxious Scenario #1
Me: I'm hoping I might be a little further along!
Dr. B: Hmmm, I think Dr. Bass was being a little generous last week saying you're at 2cm
Me: so you're telling me you're now TAKING AWAY cm's from me?!?!
Dr. B: I just think he was being generous

Obnoxious Scenario #2
Me: So is there anything I can be doing to help move things along like eating certain foods or walking more
Dr. B: Well, you've been walking around for 38 weeks now so I doubt that's going to do anything

Obnoxious Scenario #3
Me: I know you can't predict anything, but do you have any guesses as to what I might expect to happen
Dr. B: If I could tell you when your baby was going to come I could quit my job and make more money than the mega millions winner AND make a lot of pregnant women very happy!

Yea, you would have wanted to drop kick him also.  Somebody needs to clue Dr. Bernstien into the fact that a women who is 38 weeks pregnant tends to lack a sense of humor when discussing the arrival of her newborn.  Like I said, we're just hoping he's not on call.

Size of baby: 6.8 lbs and over 19.5 a leek!

What I miss:  Being able to consume whatever foods I want...I'll elaborate under cravings

Best Moment this week: Certainly NOT my dr's appointment.  I did have an amazing nights sleep on Tuesday night though, that was pretty wonderful, and desperately needed!
What baby likes AKA cravings:  All I have been wanting lately is a soft boiled egg mixed together with toast and butter and little salt and pepper!  YUM!  Also, I made a batch of cookies today because I had a big urge to bake for some reason and I SO badly wanted to lick the bowl clean of remaining cookie dough.  Unfortunately both of these items I'm not supposed to eat because of the raw egg factor.  Stupid.  I'm SO OVER all the food rules when preggo...and let's be honest, I really only obey a few of them anyway.  

Movement:  Much less.  In fact there are days where I do start paying attention and counting the movement because the baby seems to be moving so much less, but he/she always makes their "kick count"

Sleep:  what is that again?  Do you mean those mini naps I take in between bathroom breaks?

Looking Forward to: eating anything and everything I want.  I'll start with raw egg products, then move on to sushi and wash it all down with a large glass of wine!


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