Friday, April 13, 2012

39 baby yet

I'm stumped.  
Surely I thought baby would be here by now. 
I saw one of my MUCH preferred doctors this week and she seemed optimistic that everything is ready to go, but perhaps I need to relax more.  The term "tired uterus" was used which seems somewhat made up, but indeed makes some sense.  I've had lots of braxton hicks and if I'm having too many of them it can "tire my uterus" and it won't have enough energy to jump start labor.  
The solution...warm baths and rest.  
I can do the warm bath thing, but I'm really bad about laying around not doing anything.  I'm compromising and going to the office every other day and working from home some. 
Perhaps I should try the power of positive thought also.  Feel free to practice your positive thinking along with me and perhaps we can give this baby a birthday this weekend!!
Ok, ready...GO!

Size of baby: About 20 inches and a bit over a mini watermelon...whaaaaaaat!  I hope it's a very mini watermelon!

What I miss:  I'm just going to go with bending over and not being a complete clutz!  I can't seem to hold onto anything lately, and then bending over to pick up my dropped keys or bowl of chopped onions I somehow tossed clear across the counter and smashed on the floor is even more of a challenge!!  All flexibility is gone.

Best Moment this week: Hmmm...I planted some pretty flowers on our deck on Easter, and Bryan and I have had some nice dinners and nights just the two of us lately.  It's easy to over look those, but I know our time of it being "just the two of us" is coming to an end and I cherish the little moments!
What baby likes AKA cravings: Cereal...corn pops this week to be specific!

Movement:  Still a lot less, but baby seems to move around a lot if I either sit out in the sun for a bit or take one of my warm baths. 

Sleep:  Can we have a moment of silence for the sleep I used to enjoy... 

Looking Forward to: Umm...the BABY COMING!!!  THIS WEEKEND, COME ON BABY!!!  You can do it!
Picture:  Here...I'm big, and looking rough.  It was requested I lose the cardigan in photos...I begrudgingly concede...

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  1. that first picture literally looks like you have a basketball stuffed underneath there! still looking awesome per usual. and i'll be saying some hefty prayers for you this weekend!!