Friday, March 23, 2012

36 Weeks!!!

Hellooooo final month!!  

Now in my mind this is the 10th month, although others (my mother) have tried relentlessly to point out that it really is 9 months.  She got all technical on me saying things like "there are 7 days in a week and 7 x 4 =28 but there's more than 28 days in a month...yadda yadda yadda".  
Whatever!!  It certainly feels like 10 months some days!  
(Love ya mom!)

This week also marked the start of my weekly doctors appointments where they start checking to see if there are any signs of labor progressing yet and guess what...I'm already starting to dilate!!!! 
Here's what happened in my mind after the doctor said this to me:


Now technically you can stay this way for weeks and still even deliver after your due date.  I'm not planning for that though.  This news has definitely increased our sense of urgency to finish getting ready for baby to arrive!  We have no weekend plans except to finish getting Baby Coble's room ready, get the car seat installed, get a little better organized in closets etc. upstairs, make a costco run and anything else we feel like needs to be done to make life easier once baby comes.  OH right, packing a hospital bag is on that list too!

So holy guacamole, that's where we're at today.

Size of baby: 18.5 inches and about pushing 6lbs!  About the size of a crenshaw melon (a what?)

What I miss:  Not breathing like an 80 year old chain smoker

Best Moment this week: I'm going to do a best/worst because they kind of go together.  Remember how I mentioned we were going to a birthing class...well it was a complete fail!  We were there all freaking day on Saturday and it was not what we were expecting.  Let's just say Bryan and I were the only two laughing at inappropriate moments (like during birthing videos) and we had a conversation about what we might do for dinner when we were supposed to be "meditating and breathing through contractions".  It was not a class for us.  We may have skipped the second day...
We also took a breastfeeding class this week, sounds strange I know!  But, it was actually very informative and helpful.  It was also only 2 1/2  hours on one night which we liked!!  Now we  feel a little more prepared and competent to at least feed our child when he/she arrives!
What baby likes AKA cravings: Nothing out of the norm, but baby has been wanting ice cream lately.  Primarily cook out shakes.  I may or may not also be indulging my sweet tooth a little more than normal since I plan to nip it in the bud once the baby comes!  I'm really just hoping it goes away on it's own!

Movement:  It is becoming a little less jabby and a little more rolly.  Baby seems to be running out of room so the kicks aren't as swift as they used to be.  

Sleep:  Not good.  I'm up constantly at night, and now that I'm starting to feel strange cramping and awkward twinges I wake up thinking I might be in labor at least once a night. 

Looking Forward to: Getting ourselves organized so we feel more prepared if Baby were to come soon.
Picture: Here's two...Gunnar wanted to say hello. 

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  1. looking fabulous my friend!!! you are almost there!!! really try to enjoy these last nights of will soon be saying, "sleep, i don't know what that is!" ;) xo