Friday, January 6, 2012

25 Weeks

So clearly I am few weeks behind here!  Between the holidays and all of our moving drama, keeping up with my weekly preggo updates just didn't make the cut!  I'll try to do better though!

Stats of the Week 
Size of baby:   13.5" about 1.5 lbs which is apparently the size of an average rutabaga...whatever that is!

What I miss:  sleeping on my stomach

Best Moment this week:  CLOSING ON OUR NEW HOUSE!!!  FINALLY!!!  I realize I should probably put something baby related here, but that was my best moment this week.  After all the baby is the main motivation that we bought the they kind of tie together right? 

What baby likes AKA cravings: Still on that damn sweet kick!  I have to confess, I actually bought a candy bar at the grocery store this past week while checking out!!!  To my defense, I only took a bite of it once I got in my car and that satisfied me, AND it was a snickers so it had peanuts in it which are healthy right!  Bryan saw it sitting in my cup holder later that night and was shocked to hear what I had done.  If you know me, then hearing I purchased a candy bar to eat on the spot is rather shocking.

Movement:  Pretty regular now.  I've actually enjoyed being back at work the past few days because I've been able to notice the movement more since I'm sitting still at my desk most of the day.  All the running around and moving we've been doing I had not noticed he/she moving much lately.   

Sleep:  Eh, just ok.  I wake up a lot during the night to either use the bathroom or adjust myself.  I'm understanding the need for lots of pillows in bed more and more!

(I deleted the size of mommy question, I'm pregnant...what do you think is happening each week!!)

Looking Forward to:Getting some projects done in the new house this weekend with my parents in town and having some bigger projects completed like painting and built ins etc.  OH, and going to register this weekend as well with my mom!  I'm actually really looking forward to that!

Picture: Ok here is a quick picture of me.  (I've been really bad at documenting on a regular basis so I had to ask Bryan to snap this real quick at the office) 
And I also want to share two beautiful new babies that arrived this week from two of my bestest friends!!  Congrats to Caitlin and Scott on their new daughter Olivia and Congrats to RoRo and Brad on their new DAUGHTER Hailey (we all thought it was going to be a boy!!)  Love you both!!
Olivia Davis Navarro
Hailey Rose Wilson



  1. i'm with bryan on the candy bar cave-in - shocked! but also proud. i think you forgot to mention the tasty cake incident as well...

    and those are some good looking babies! you're next!

  2. I am shocked about the candy bar thing as well. When was the last time you ate anything bad for you. But you still don't even look pregnant as I suspected you wouldn't, so don't fret over the candy bar "bite".