Thursday, January 12, 2012

26 Weeks

How am I already almost to the end of my 2nd trimester, it doesn't seem  possible!!  I'm guessing it's because I feel like I haven't sat down in over a month!  We certainly wasted NO time starting projects on the new house.  Here's some things we have accomplished so far (with lots of help, thanks mom and dad!!)
- Unpacked (almost) ALL our boxes
- fixed plumbing issues in two bathrooms
- cleared out about 2 years worth of leaves from the front and back yard
- changed out some light switches
- added new shelving to the linen closet upstairs
- Changed shelving and rods in master closet
- converted an old pantry to a coat closet
- converted an old nothing closet to the new pantry
- PAINTED just about every wall in our house
- painted the kitchen cabinets from an old knotty pine to a nice cream (like the old house)
- Painted the garage and patched holes
(side note, we didn't do the painting ourselves FYI.  Unfortunately the paint fumes also forced me to flee the house last night and have a little slumber at the Pino home.  Thanks for putting me up!)

Whew!  All that and we've only been in the house two weeks!!  We still have a few more projects lined up over the next week or two before we take a break and switch our focus back to baby preparation!!  I will get house pics up as soon as I get my act together!

Stats of the Week 
Size of baby:   14" or about 1 2/3 lbs.  About the size of a hothouse cucumber!  I've realized though the size and weight predicted varies on which publication you're reading.  These numbers come from each week.

What I miss:  Eating a full meal without feeling ridiculously uncomfortable!  It's like I'm full after 3 bites.  I'm understanding the need for frequent small meals now.

Best Moment this week:  Having some family and close friends in town and over the house this past weekend and everybody got to feel the baby moving around.  

What baby likes AKA cravings: Two nights ago it was blue box mac and cheese!!  I added sauteed spinach to it so that makes it healthy right!?!

Movement:  more often at night than in the morning 

Sleep:  OK but I think I need another pillow in bed

Looking Forward to: My Dr's appointment next week.  I have to do the gestational diabetes test and some other things and I want to get them over with!  Hopefully everything is going ok!

Picture: And again...forgot to take one today.  I'll work on it...

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