Friday, December 16, 2011

22 Weeks

OK, so I realize I have missed a week. 
Let me brief you on the drama real quick. 
We have not moved.  We have not closed on the houses.  We are living amongst boxes.  Literally.
(This is only a small example, the pile is much larger now!)

We have no idea when we're moving either because the girl buying our house had her loan the 11th friggin hour!!!  Needless to say, I'm not a very happy camper. 
So while doing these baby updates are not high on my priority list at the moment, I still want to do them so I can keep my own little journal.  Once we figure out all the moving drama, I hope to make these more exciting and detailed.  Think good thoughts for us to be able to close soon!!!

Stats of the Week 
Size of baby:   11 inches or the length of a spaghetti squash (yum), almost 1 pound!! 

What I miss:  Living in a house that doesn't smell like cardboard!

Best Moment this week:  Bryan got to feel the baby move again.  I have been feeling it lots more lately, but every time he went to feel the baby would stop moving.  So I put some headphones to my belly while he had his hand on it and played our wedding song (Stand by me) and wouldn't you know...the baby started moving around!  I also saw my stomach move on its own...that was just weird! 

What baby likes AKA cravings:  Everything sweet!!!  The damn holidays and all the delicious treats that are available.  I even just snapped at my boss when he came into my office with a huge platter of cookies and offered me one.  I yelled "NO, get them away from me!"  Poor guy, probably thought he was doing the pregnant girl a favor by offering her one first before anybody else got their hands on them.  I need to regain some self control.  I have always had amazing will power and I feel like it's just out the window!!  Plus I think I'm stress eating due to the house.    I'm very scared to get on the scale next week at the doctor!

Movement:  Lots more!

Sleep:  Not so good lately, but I think it has more to do with all the crap going on.  That and all the dust in our house is making Bryan snore really bad.  He was exiled to the couch the other night!

Size of mommy: growing.  (I don't really like this question, I may delete it)

Looking Forward to: Closing on the house, but more importantly getting the hell out of town for a few days and going to NJ for Christmas where I can actually feel like it's Christmas and forget about the house drama for a little bit!

Picture: This is going to have to come later.  I'm afraid if I wait to take a picture I'll never get this posted.  I'll get one soon!