Sunday, December 4, 2011

20 Weeks...halfway there!!!

Ya know what's worse than being sick...
Being pregnant and sick!!  ugh!

I had my last business trip of the year this week and unfortunately I was not able to make it home without picking up a nasty cold of some sort!  My head pretty much feels like it might explode, I can't sleep due to the lack of being able to breathe, but thankfully my sand paper sore throat seems to have subsided. 
Now I need to take my "pregnancy approved" medicine list and get my rear end to the store. 
Oh and "drinking lot of fluids" is so much fun when you already have to drink lots due to said pregnancy...and then you have to use the bathroom 4 times every hour instead of 3.  That's neat too.

As for what else is happening these days, we're just living amongst boxes as we start the packing process for moving.  I wouldn't care so much, except it makes me a little sad it's during the holidays and I can't decorate my house.  Here's my sad attempt at bringing a little Christmas spirit into our home

That's our Christmas tree for now! 
Better than nothing I suppose!
2 weeks and counting till the move, woo hoo!!!

Stats of the WeekSize of baby:    About 6 inches or the size of a banana!!

What I miss: we're back to wine this week, more specifically red wine

Best Moment this week: Bryan felt the baby move and it was probably the best reaction and look on his face that I have ever seen!!  It was pure shock and joy all at the same time.  A moment I'll never forget.

What baby likes AKA cravings:  red meat.  Ever since I found out I'm deficient in Iron all I want to eat are Cheeseburgers! 

Movement:  It's becoming a little more frequent, but not enough for anybody else to feel.  Bryan only felt it that once.

Sleep:  Not good at all with this cold

Size of mommy:  I discovered at 4am this week as I was getting dressed for my 6am flight to Nashville that indeed NONE of my pants fit anymore.  I truely thought my dress pants would fit for awhile but it turns out I was wrong.  I need pants.

Looking Forward to:  Moving and getting settled in the new house

(Just a side note here.  I was on my way to a Christmas party, I don't typically wear sparkly tops as part of my every day, hang at home routine :)


  1. whatever, you know you totally love to wear sequins while watching RHOBH...and i'm sorry you haven't been felling well! i have been battling a cold myself this weekend, no fun.

  2. hot mama- love the visible baby bump!!