Thursday, November 24, 2011

19 weeks and Happy Thankgiving!!!

I have so VERY much to be grateful for today! 
We went to the doctor yesterday and have a healthy growing baby who's measurements are "just right" and it also has some adorable hands and feet if I do say so myself...and because that's really the only thing he/she would cooperate showing us yesterday on the ultra sound! 
Our house went under contract in just 2 weeks and if everything goes smoothly we should be in our new house before Christmas!!  We have amazing friends and family who offer us constant love and support and I have the most wondeful husband in the world who I know I don't thank enough for all he does for me!!  And while I'm missing my family back in New Jersey today, I'm grateful for the loving family I have here in NC to share the day with! 
I hope everybody has a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

(I'm also very thankful that I just heard Newsies is coming to Broadway!!!  Oh happy day)

Stats of the Week

Size of baby:    Well at the Dr. yesterday is was measuring about 9oz or a 1/2 lb!  A visual would be an heirloom tomato! 

What I miss: Sleeping through the night without having to get up to use the bathroom 

Best Moment this week: Obviously going to the Dr. and getting to see our little nugget on the ultra sound and learn that everything is looking just fine!

What baby likes AKA cravings:   I've been craving a big ol cheeseburger this week, like one from Five Guys.  I'm going to assume this because I found out I was iron deficient at the dr. yesterday.  boo. 

Movement:  I am definitely feeling some movement!  It's just every once in awhile and I have to be sitting quietly, but it feels like little bubbles in my stomach.  It's very strange and wonderful all at the same time!

Sleep:  I'm losing the ability to sleep on my stomach which was always my standard position, so sleep is different.

Size of mommy:  growing.  I've put on weight, which is good...but uncomfortable.  I better get  used to it though b/c I've got a lot more growing to do!!

Looking Forward to:  Spending the morning drinking bloody mary's (virgin for me) with the hubs watching the Macy's parade and then eating some Turkey tonight with family.

Picture:  Finally starting to look like a real baby bump!

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