Friday, December 10, 2010

A winter favorite

Anybody who knows me also knows that I am constantly cold!  
(Thanks Mom...this is where a sarcastic font would come in handy)
Needless to say all the cold weather we've been having lately has been challenging, yet not unbearable thanks to a new favorite...
The faux-sheepskin throw from Pottery Barn

It is heavenly!!!
We received it as a wedding gift a few months ago and I've been waiting and waiting for the cold!!  I certainly put it to the test this past week though!  It is truly the coziest blanket I have EVER snuggled up in! 
If you're struggling with some final gift ideas and need a gift for someone who is cold natured, like myself, do not hesitate buying them this blanket!!!

Okay, now that I've shared one of my top Christmas gift ideas...does anybody have any suggestions for a Father-in-law who's life revolves around hunting and fishing????

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  1. as another blanket connoisseur who is always cold, i would like to say i cuddled up with this blanket on friday evening and it was all kelly said it was - and more!