Monday, November 22, 2010

A very smelly homecoming

We're back from the BVI's and had a fabulous time on our honeymoon!!  It was definitely worth the wait!!  Unfortunately Grey Dog got himself into a bit of a pickle while we were away...

You see, he enjoys chasing furry four legged creatures that are smaller than himself.  His favorites are bunny rabbits, squirrels, cats and last week we discovered a new one...SKUNKS!!!

Apparently Grey Dog was out for an early Monday morning duck hunt with my father in law when he decided to chase a furry creature through the woods and down a hole...low and behold it was a skunk who then sprayed the bejesus out of him!!  Thank goodness my in-laws bathed him about 5,324,323 times and he spent a few evening sleeping in the garage (which he deserved) and the smell has most definitely gotten better, unfortunately it still lingers.

If anybody has a secret to getting skunk smell off a dog (and don't tell me tomato juice, it doesn't work) then please, please, please let me know!!  This pathetic face needs your help!

(My nose needs your help too)

1 comment:

  1. I have heard coca cola helps with fish smells. Might help with skunk..worth a try.