Thursday, November 11, 2010

Brow Convert

If you haven't tried eyebrow threading yet, DO IT!
Put down the wax, put down the tweezers and go to your nearest threading location!!

I have struggled with my eyebrows for years and finally found a decent brow chic a year or so ago.  Yesterday I about had a  heart attack when I tried making an appointment and heard those dreaded words
"oh I'm sorry, Jennifer has moved on"
I'm pretty sure I let out a long NOOOOOOOOO into the phone.  Reluctantly I made an appointment with Katie (or whatever her name was) but after thinking about it, quickly called back and canceled.  
So this morning I hit the internet and came across a plethora of rave reviews for a local eyebrow threading location.  There were even reviews from people on there that spoke my language.  
They usually sounded something like this:
"I'm from NYC and have struggled to find somebody to do my eyebrows, until I found Chandi's which is just as good if not better than having them done in New York"
If something has the patented northern transplant seal of approval, I'm usually game.  I decided to give Chandi's a whirl and I'm glad I did.  These Indian ladies know what's up!

The best part was when I went to pay...$7.00!!!!  You can hardly get a decent eye brow waxing for under $20.00 these days!  I guess they charge by the amount of hair they pull out since most brow waxers like to leave you looking like somebody drew your brows on with a thin pencil.

No more  pencil thin brows for me ladies, I'm a brow convert!!  No more waxing! It's threading for now on! 

***I have to give a shout out to my bff Roseanne for informing me all about threading.  We grew up together and she's a NYC gal now (all things considered) and usually keeps me up to speed on whats happening back at the mother land.  Thanks ROSE!!! 

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  1. since old faithful has up and left us (how dare her!), i may have to give this threading thing a try!