Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Time flies

Wow, time seems to be flying by these days!!
I guess that's what happens when you're having fun...or just incredibly busy and overwhelmed with life!
Ahhh C'est la vie! 

September certainly flew by for us, but we were able to cram a lot in!
Labor Day weekend we spent in Raleigh and Bryan was able to attend the annual dove hunt with the Coble clan so he was pleased!  Gunnar was happy too.
Charlotte had  her first weekend filled with birthday parties for her good friends Lillian, Anne Bradley and Molly.  She's a party animal like her mother!
The middle of the month we headed to Charlotte (the city) to visit with Bryan's Grandfather and so that Charlotte (the baby) could meet her Great Granddaddy!  It was a special day and I'm so glad we were able to make the trip!
Then we headed to NJ for my cousin Conner's wedding and Charlotte took her first plane ride!!!  It was an experience for all of us.  Overall, she did great.  I think I was more anxious flying with an infant than anybody.  We survived though.  
The wedding was so much fun.  There was a beautiful ceremony held in Short Hills where Conner's uncle who is a Bishop married the happy couple, then we took a private train car (with refreshments and snacks!) into the city where we were greeted by a 2nd line that serenaded us about 3 blocks to an awaiting double decker sight seeing tour bus, which then drove us downtown to the reception location with happened to be an old Real World house!  
(For you elder folk, Real World was a show on MTV.  It may still be on actually, but considering I don't know if it's still on shows my age and thus puts me in the elder folk category also)

Rounding out the month, we purchased a new family vehicle.  Bryan said a tearful goodbye to his pick up truck yesterday.  He's had a solid (almost) 10 years with it, but it's time to move on.  I promised when we're past the stage of car seats and booster seats we'll revisit the world of pick up trucks!  Until then, hello Chevy Tahoe.  (He didn't seem too upset playing in his new car in the garage at 10:00 last night)

Here's a few other quick highlights from the month:
- Charlotte has started solids!!  She wasn't crazy about my homemade sweet potatoes but loved them from a jar.  Too bad for her I'm going to be making her food.  So we moved on.  We found a big winner with avocado so I've made her a nice big batch of that.  Banana has been a big hit as well!  Next up: butternut squash!

- Charlie may be eating solids, but she's still not growing hair...except in one small patch on the back of her head.  We've decided she looks like a Chinese Moi Thai fighter.  Or a redneck growing a rat tail.

- Bryan finally got his Dyson vacuum.  Not joking, this a big deal for him.

- I've accepted a new position at my company.  At the end of the year I'm going to be transitioning out of sales and will be managing our marketing for higher eduction.  Definitely a big change, but one I'm excited for.   

- Charlie is "almost" crawling but has really perfected the plank position.  Any day now she's going to crawl...although I've been saying that for about 2 weeks now.

- Gunnar got his stomach pumped again.  Well sort of.  He decided to eat a bottle of colace (stool softener for anybody who's unfamiliar) and I had to force hydrogen peroxide in him till it came back up.
That was a fun afternoon.  Yes, I realize we still need a dog trainer.  On the upside I could probably write a really entertaining book about his life thus far.

- That's it!!!  (oh yea, I had a birthday, I'm 31 now)

And now onto October!!  I'm sure I'll be back in a few weeks for a new update!
Before I forget...pictures!

 New favorite activity: feet nibbling

Practicing her daily yoga

 Beating up on her BFF Emma Pino!  Big thanks to JoAnn Clark for the adorable matching dresses!

Bryan, Granddaddy and Charlotte

 The coveted Dyson.

 Just watching the morning news with her other BFF

 Loving the food!!  Or just chewing on the spoon.
 Back of her head soul patch

She's turning into a ham.  Wonder who she got that from ;)

So ready to crawl in her ruffle butt cuteness

Champagne in a can, don't mind if I do!
 Mother of the groom

Handsome brother.  He's available ladies, just puttin that out there!!
 Enjoying our night out on the town!  Big thanks to Sher Sher Pino for watching the nugget for us!

 2nd line

 Bus downtown

 First day of fall at Nomahegan Park in Cranford!

 First airplane ride...finally passed out!

 Happy to be home!

 Total Brat.

Sad day saying goodbye to the truck.

 New ride.

 Happy girl at the doctors office for an unexpected Saturday morning visit.  (She was fine)

Paying homage to her BeeGee's favorite team!  Dad added the pink socks so you could still tell she was a girl!

And her first real boo boo...that happened to coincide with mom's first overnight business trip away.  Lesson learned hopefully, do not try to grab daddy's beer can!  OR drink from a bottle when holding the baby. 



  1. love all the updates and pics! makes me realize we need to catch up SOON! miss you...

    ps, i see "classic" beat "trendy" for your nyc night out ;) but you looked great!

  2. Ha, thanks! Yes I think I pull off classic better than trendy! And I second that we need to catch up soon!!!

  3. love the pics with her great granddaddy! and not going to lie that the baby rat tail one is my favorite!!