Saturday, October 27, 2012

6 Months!!!

It's hard to believe 6 whole months have already passed us by!  
Then again, lately I feel like we're still dealing with the sleeping habits of a newborn!!  
(More on that later)

Charlotte is currently 16lbs 9oz and  26.1in. in length.  She's still wearing most 6 month clothes but quickly moving to 6-12 or 9 month clothing.  Although I did fit her in a 3 month polo dress just yesterday (I know, I know...POLO...shocking!) except it's not a dress anymore, more like a shirt which I paired with leggings.  Maybe she has a skinny neck, but it fit fine and looked cute, so I went with it.
She has learned lots of new tricks this past month, mainly sitting up on her own and CRAWLING!!  No not the worm or the army crawl as most 5 1/2 month olds might possibly do...but full on, all out, "I want that toy (or iphone) across the room so damnit I'm gunna get it!" crawling.  Once she got movin, she never looked back.  About this same time Bryan and I came to the the realization that our house is not child proofed.  

Like, at all.  

So we've implemented some really sophisticated methods of child proofing.  Just to name a few, pillows now adorn the brick hearth of the fireplace.  No, not some fancy pillows that are meant to protect innocent heads from jagged brick, but rather some regular throw pillows I've had for about 8 years now that Bryan has been begging me to throw out for about 4  years now.  I'll tell ya what though, good thing I didn't throw those puppies out, 3 of them fit perfectly across our hearth and Charlie's little head lands on them so softly.  
In fact, I think she enjoys laying on them and lounging.  
We have also used the dog bed to block the space between two chairs and create a penned area of sorts in the family room.  She hasn't figured out climbing yet so this works so far.

Playing with toys in her crib has worked out well when I'm putting clothes away in her room.
I did splurge and get some electrical socket covers...I know, I really went all out!
We do have plans to purchase things such as gates to block the stairs,just haven't gotten around to it yet.  Perhaps this month!

She also pulled herself up to her knees this week while exploring her bookcase in her room (and subsequently lost her grip at the same time and hit bumped her head.  No crying though!) so I imagine a full on stand is in our near future.  Is it just me or does my child seem to be doing things abnormally early?!?!  
An over achiever perhaps....
This early overachiever behavior seems to mimic her adorable personality that is starting to shine through.  She is extremely determined and if she wants to do something (like crawl, or stand) she tries over and over and over again until she gets it.  She doesn't fuss, she doesn't cry, she just keeps at it until she's tired, takes a nap and starts over again!  
Even at meal time she wants to do it herself and always tries to take the spoon from me!  If I don't pay close enough attention she'll get the spoon and then typically end up wearing her dinner.

Exhibit A:

She is doing GREAT with solid foods.  So far she has had: rice cereal, avocado, sweet potato, butternut squash, banana, apple and peas.  She likes everything for the most part, and I'm enjoying making it too!  Peas were challenging in the beginning and she would spit them back out at me, but she'll take them now if they're mixed with some sweet potato.  We just upped her this week to three meals a day as well, so she's getting breakfast lunch and dinner and 4 bottles a day!!  Being such an active girl she's a hungry one!  
On the flip side of that you would also think she would be a tired girl!!  
Unfortunately in the sleeping department we have digressed this month.  
I am wishing and praying and crossing all of my fingers and toes and wearing my pajamas inside out at night in hopes that this is all due to that nasty little developmental phase we call teething!! 
The girl is leaking like a sieve.  
Everything she picks up goes in her mouth, she gets really angry biting on things and her poor gums are the grayest color, however nothing has popped through yet.  With that said, Tylenol is now our new best friend.  I only use it in the evening though because she fairs well during the day chewing on things like cold teether, hard toys, her fist, the dog, other babies (yea, she was caught at daycare trying to suck another kids thumb).  I just look at it as a sign she likes to share and be social.
So she's going to bed around 7 but no longer sleeping through till 7.  Sometimes she wakes between 11 and 12 and then again between 4 and 5.  (Around the exact times the glorious Tylenol wears off)  It was one thing getting up in the middle of the night during maternity leave, but when I have go to work the next day and actually be intellectual, or at least pretend to be, this new sleeping pattern is proving to be a bit more challenging for me!  I got her back to sleep fairly quickly last night as opposed to it taking 3+ hours like on Sunday night, so it's at least better!  The doctor suggested today feeding her a little more food if she wants it and trying to push bedtime a little bit later.  We'll give it a shot and hope it works!
Fingers crossed those little fangs teeth pop through soon.

***Update: It takes me a few days to finish these posts and things change quickly.  Charlotte slept 12 full hours last night!!!  It was the best thing EVER!  We fed her more food yesterday so hopefully that was the trick.  Unfortunately this morning she's already refused breakfast.  Here's hoping she eats when she wakes up from her nap!

Let's see, what else.  She likes playing with Gunnar and ripping his fur out.  She still loves bath time.  She enjoys long walks in the stroller, squealing very loud and when you make fart sounds at her...that's when you get the biggest laugh! (Definite sign she belongs to her father.)  

We have been busy around the house and new projects are underway.  We dug up the backyard about two weeks ago and are anxiously waiting for grass to grow.  Right now it's still mostly dirt but some green is starting to pop through.  Here's a progression.

I also planted some hydrangea bushes under the window you see above which I'm SUPER excited about!  Here's hoping I don't kill them like I usually do.

Here's some more pictures from the past month

 Loves her daddy!

Hangin with Big Bear

Much more interested in the elephant  humidifier

Took care of voting!

We had a nice outing to the farmers market with the Pino clan to pick out Charlie's first pumpkin

Everybody gets their own blanket to play on

I was able to sneak away for a day of riding with my soon to be sister in law and loved every minute! 
Felt great to be riding again!

We also made it out for a date night one evening...early bird special!

Charlotte behaved like a champ while we met some friends at a new bar/restaurant that opened

Daddy joined us for the 6 month doctor appointment

 My morning entertainment

Oh and how could I forget, one of the brat.
He thinks this is his new "spot".  I think he's wrong.


  1. love her!! and can't wait to see how the yard turns's coming along nicely!! ha- and gunnar's face just kills me in these's so pitiful!

  2. big, big girl! 6 months, where has the time gone? she is just perfect! need to see you guys soon once i am no longer flemmy and snotty. xo