Tuesday, July 24, 2012

1-2-3 months!

I'm going to make a very clique statement, 
I can't believe my baby is 3 months old today!!!

Time really is flying, and I'm trying my best to savor every moment even though that's easier said than done!  I just can't believe how much joy Charlotte brings to Bryan and I every single day!  Her little smile melts my heart, her frown and cry break my heart a little and I even kind of enjoy the new octave she has reached in her screeching ability.  I do not believe Gunnar is a fan however.  
The best part is that each new day is more fun than the last!

OK, I'm done being a complete mush fest.
Since I was such a slack ass the first few months and didn't post any pictures, I'll add her one and two month pics as well.  

I just had to share a picture of the fancy pants she's wearing today!  I thought it only appropriate to wear a fun pair of pants on your 3 month birthday!

In other news, our first child is having some difficulties adjusting to his little sister, and things have only taken a turn for the worse since I returned to work.  
 He may look innocent, but don't let those puppy eyes fool you!

To say he's jealous at this point would be an extreme understatement.  We've always had some issues with Gunnar counter surfing and eating whatever he can get his jowls on, but he's becoming much more brazen about it these days.  Nothing is safe anymore.
In a week alone he devoured two meat and cheese appie platters, a colander of raw chicken, a bag of broccoli and a bag of gummy bears.  There was probably more but that's what comes to mind at the moment.  OH, and he's also learned how to open our locking diaper pail.  
Enough said.

We've called in reinforcements.  Gunnar's going to bootcamp!  
Hopefully the dog trainer we're calling in can help us eliminate some of the bad habits he has.  The last thing I need is another chewing gum or tylenol incident!

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