Thursday, April 28, 2011

Say hello to my little friend

Hunting has been a part of my family for generations and I happened to marry a guy who's family is even more fanatical about it than mine!
(Warning - this post deals with hunting...if you don't agree you may not enjoy this one)

This new friend joined our house and now lives over the bookself. 
It was actually my grandfathers but I think it fits well in our home! 

I like it because it lets hubs feel like he has some of his outdoorsy stuff as a part of the house but I don't have to stare at a full deer head all the time...or better yet an Elk head.

Did I ever tell you about the Elk head?  No? 
Well then, let me introduce you to Tank! 

Tank hails from the mountains of Idaho (I think). 
He is my husbands trophy and came to live with us back in 2008.  Unfotunately Tank is rather large and can't fit in our little ranch house right now.  He lives at my in-laws in the man cave for now, but I have the joy of knowing he will be ours one day to display in our own home.
(In case you can't tell, I'm using a sarcastic tone here)

What's that you say, how big is an Elk?'ve never seen one?!?!
Let me give you little peek at the size we're talking about here

(Bryan is 6ft tall btw)

I'm going to need a VERY LARGE man room in my next home!!!


  1. poor tank...

    (i didn't listen to your disclaimer and read this anyway).