Friday, April 15, 2011

Absence makes the heart grow fonder...

At least I hope my absence makes your heart grow fonder!!!

My "real" job has been all consuming lately and stolen all of my "fun job" time...but that is all going to change soon!!!  I've been getting myself organized and the weather has been getting nicer which means my work shop (my deck) is open for business!!
To prove to you how serious I am, this is where I spent my lunch time today

I have the bed of the truck filled with lumber, doors, hardware and all sorts of goodies!!

Also some of this

since grey dog has been bringing some unwelcome critters into the house lately!

I plan to start some small projects this weekend and the larger projects will continue into the week with the help of my carpenter friend Will.  I get to play with my power tools, and there is even going to be some demo involved...I CAN'T WAIT!!

Oh and I also received this picture last night of a small table that will be arriving at my house this weekend for me to do with it as I please. 

It's hard to tell by the picture what it will become, but I'm overcome with joy at the thought of all these projects!!

OH, I almost completely forgot.  I did finally settle on a pillow choice for the new chairs in the living room.  I went with this vine floral print from Pottery Barn

I like the repetitive pattern and it's a perfect blend of green and red.  I'm very happy with my choice...and thank you Jenn for your input!!

OK, enough for now...I must get to work!
I'll be back with updates soon!!!


  1. I got very excited when I saw "GDD" pop up on my Dashboard, it's been a while!

  2. Where have you been...its been Too long!!

  3. the home depot "dude" looks like another "dude" i know...don't you agree? i'm glad you're back and excited to see how this week's project goes!

  4. Yes, he does resemble another dude...that's why I liked him!