Thursday, April 21, 2011

Doors Galore

I spent most of my weekend removing doors in my house. Why you ask??
Because they are ALL UGLY!
Every door in our house is either a plain slab door or pain in the rear bi-fold door that was not installed properly therefore constantly comes off the track.  It was time for them to go. 

Of course I got so excited to get started that I didn't remember to take my camera out until after I had already started removing doors.

The first to go were the bi-fold doors on the laundry closet

They looked somewhat like the bi-fold doors on the closet on the direct opposite wall...

Except that they didn't match what so ever!!!

I then realized there were not any previous hinge spots carved into the moulding on the laundry closet for hanging a door.  I made a quick call to Papa Murph and determined I might be getting ahead of myself...especially considering I had not even taken my new chizel out of the packaging yet!

I decided to alter my plans slightly and move on to the front closet which already had two doors hanging nicely, all I would need to do is chizel my hinge spots into the new door. 
Easy right!?!?

I started with placing the new door on the floor
Grey dog was apparently bored 

Next I placed the old door beneath the new door and made sure they were even...thankfully they matched up almost perfectly!

I then measured and marked the hinge spots on the new door

Then I began to chizel out hinge slots in the new door.
Ok, first I watched about 10 youtube videos on how to chizel out a hinge spot on a door and THEN I attempted it.  I truly believe the trick is to first score your line with a razor blade and chizel from the center to the edges.  It makes things MUCH easier!

I again took the cheap route and spray painted our existing hinges black and hung the new door back up!

It needs a coat of paint (which I probably should have been done first) but I love the new door!

It will look so much nicer when people enter our house too! 
I was thrilled to get one up and get started on the next one...

Then I got a call from my mom whoe told me to turn on the weather channel. 
I'm not sure if you heard about the little storms we had here this past Saturday...

We had lots of wind, rain and hail at our house, but thankfully sustained no damage.  We were very lucky because many folks in and around the Raleigh area were not so lucky.  There was a lot of damage and within minutes of the storm passing the hubs was on the phone with his dad and getting ready to head out to work.

My father in law owns a tree removal service (That's Blackhawk Trees for anybody in the triangle area) and they worked into the night on Saturday and and ALL day Sunday.  I took some time on Sunday to bring them lunch, and since I don't have any pictures of the completed closet doors today I'll share some pictures of the storm damage.

Grey dog of course came along for the ride

All the debris is from the bank, the drive through teller area is destroyed

The boys hard at work

Feeding time

The sad part is these pictures only show minor damage. 
I'll end this post with just saying how grateful I am that myself, family and friends in the area were all safe and spared from tornados.  I pray those affected can receive the help they need to start over.

There is some construction taking place at my house the next few days so more updates are to come!

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