Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What was once old...

Is it just me or does everybody secretly think that if they were to dig through their grandparents house they would come across a treasure burried deep somewhere in the attic that they could then take to the antique roadshow, only to be told they have found a unbelievably rare piece that now makes you a millionaire!!!

Ok, so it's just me that has had that thought...

Well, recently my family has been cleaning out my grandparents house.  While I did NOT find any rare treasures that would make me a millionare I did find a few things that were "neat", a few things I wish my eyes had never seen...and I claimed 3 things I saw good potential in!  What I claimed was 2 chairs and an ottoman, and when I asked if I could have them my family looked at me like I had 3 heads!!

Oh how I wish I had remembered to take before pictures (this is why I desperately need a new phone with a good camera) but if you can picture a brown and orange tweed from the 1950's that should give you a good idea of what kind of condition they were in!  Here's some pictures I found online that  hint at it...

So pretty, right???

The good news is I'm not completely crazy!  The frame of the chairs is all solid dark pine, only the cushions were tweed and they were easily removable, an easy fix!

I contacted Jamie Meares at Furbish (some of you may follow her blog isuwannee) and she was more than willing to help me construct some new cushions.  The old cushions were trash, we had to start from scratch.
I thought I would go with a really fun print or something bright, but ended up staying neutral to my surprise.
Here are the chairs in their new home, with new cushions!

Jamie did a great job the new cushions!!  Here's a closeup

I went with a cream linen with green piping and button.  The green fabric almost has a sheen to it so it's a great contrast against the linen.  (Note to self: must scotch guard asap!!)

The wood has some damage to it, more so than I had remembered, so I'm working with a local refurbisher to have them looking brand new again!  Now I just need to pick out some fun pillows to go with them.  Here's some ideas I have so far

I want to keep red in the pillow to tie in our big red couch. 
What do you think???

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  1. While toile would usually be my first choice I REALLY like the pillow pic underneath them that are what poppies? The red in the flower contrasting against that crisp clean background draws me in.