Tuesday, February 22, 2011

From Blah to Boudoir!

I mentioned awhile ago that I was completely inspired by this picture from The Lettered Cottage and intended to replicate this in my own bedroom.

Now without further ado...my bedroom project!

The before...I really need to work on remembering to take pictures BEFORE I start a project!

I have hated the color of our bedroom for awhile so the first step was paint!  We went from a drab khaki to a light soothing grey
(Benjamin Moore Wish) 

Here are our ugly closet doors 

After I removed the doors I added a fresh coat of white paint

Then I sprayed all the door hardware black to match the rest of the black hardware on our furniture

I measure the mirror and cut all my trim pieces and painted them.
Then I realized I cut all my trim pieces exactly 1 inch too short.
I went back to Home Depot, bought more trim pieces, meausred about 50 times, recut and repainted.
That was fun.

I had two 1/8 inch pieces of glass cut to fit the door and assembled them in my workshop guest room
One of these days I'll have a work space...
After I attached the mirror to the door with mirror mastic and the trim pieces with liquid nails and some small finishing nails I let them sit for about a day before hanging them back up.

I made a few more changes as well and TADA!!!!

My Our new boudoir!!!

I removed our old non matching (ugly) lamps and replaced them with matching wall mounted sconces

I LOVE the mirros on the closet doors! 
Please ignore the plethora of hats collected on our dresser.  We're getting ready for a little vacation and this is the start of the packing! 

I can't believe how much bigger our room feels just by adding a few mirrors!  We only have one window in our bedroom and this bounces so much more light around the room!

Yes, the doors are crooked.  When I have the time and energy I will fix this, until then I'll go on cursing the prior owner who did everything half ass in this house thus creating more work for me!

I added some art with a little sentimental meaning.  The large frame is an old map of the virgin island which we picked up on our honeymoon.

The smaller frames I painted white and antiqued and I found the nautical prints here on Etsy.

Grey dog loves the new room too!

I have to say I am very pleased with how it turned out!  It actually feels like a little retreat space now and I love being in there.  It's amazing what a little paint and a few simple changes can do to transform a space.

Onto the next project!!!


  1. Look at you designer lady!! I am loving the new boudoir...it looks amazing! Two thumbs up to you!! :)