Tuesday, July 12, 2011


I need gift ideas for a boy man turning 30

Here's an idea of his likes/hobbies

- golfing
- hunting
- fly fishing
- golfing
- guns
- making money
- Grey dog
- golfing
- yard work (sort of)
- running
- me ;-)

He's a very complex creature can't you tell. 

Any suggestions are warmly welcome!!!!


  1. ugh- that's a tough one! but i do see 'golfing' on there multiple times...what about some new club (or clubs)? or a new fly rod? another grey dog? what, you don't like that last idea??? ;)

  2. at one point he said he needed new running shoes? or was it new boat shoes? well, new shoes of some sort. an ipad? (bonus that it's also a gift for you). maybe buy him a round of golf at his favorite spot, followed by a manly spa treatment of some sort (bonus if you "meet him at the spa" for your own treatment - you did list yourself as one of his main interests). then lunch at his favorite eatery. or when all else fails, socks and underwear! :)

  3. I can't afford the medical bills of another Grey Dog!!! All good ideas, I am trying very hard to steer away from getting him golf club(s). I do like the idea of a gift that benefits me as well ;)