Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Summer Heat - 1 Kelly - 0

I lost the battle of the boots on Friday night. I made a valiant attempt at making them work but alas the heat of the never ending summer made me succumb to more light weight materials. None the less it was a fabulous night out with great friends!! (and I would add a picture but can’t seem to find my camera cord…bear with me, I’m still fresh on my blogging adventure!)

I also came to the conclusion on Saturday night that high heels are an evil fashion accessory that MUST have been created by a man!!


Sure they make you look tall and feel just a tad bit sexy, thus adding a hint of a strut to your walk…but is it really worth all the pain?!?! Especially for those of us with abnormally high arches! I decided to rock the heels on Saturday night (mistake #1) to a late afternoon wedding we were attending. And after ignoring my husband’s pleas (mistake #2) for me to switch into the flats I had stashed away in the car, I proceeded to keep them on as we headed downtown for yet another birthday party later that evening. Let’s just say I was later walking barefoot through the streets of downtown and have renewed my vow of staying loyal to my ever growing collection of adorable flats! After all, a girl can look chic and sexy in flats…like my friend Katherine here!


(I also adore the fact that she’s carrying a paint can in this picture, a girl after my own heart!)

The only downside = height. I can live without being tall…right????

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