Wednesday, June 22, 2011

It's been too long...

I have been giving Bryan a break from my projects recently which hopefully explains my random posts and decorating hiatus.  (He gets a little overwhelmed sometimes by my...enthusiasm let's call it.)
It's been long enough though and I think break time is over. 
Plus he's taking a little trip with his brother this weekend which leaves me and Gray Dog together for a few hours with a shed full of power tools just waiting to be used!

I'm thinking of addressing our guest room. 
It needs help.

It really needs a new coat of paint, but I'm honestly sick of painting. 
I'm hoping if I just clear out some of the clutter and add a few visually pleasing elements it will help.
Here's some ideas I have:

This is bad but I can't remember where I saved this image from

From one of my favorites The Lettered Cottage

Hopefully this works out...

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