Friday, May 13, 2011

"You don't move to TAKE a Napa..."

(My SATC loving friends will get the title, I couldn't resist!)

Well it's official, I am beyond obsessed with Napa and as if it wasn't bad enough before...even more so with wine.  Sigh...I just can't get enough of that sweet sweet nectar, and Napa was this heavenly place where everybody was so happy and just drank wine all day!  Not to mention it was beyond gorgeous there.

Here's a little peak at our trip...

Each vineyard was unique in it's own way.  I loved seeing the different decorating styles and how it corresponded to the atmosphere of the vineyard.  I can't tell you how much joy it gave me when the hubs leaned over and wispered in my ear at one of my favorite places "kinda reminds me of our house hun"!!! 
It was like an angel just whistled a little tune in my ear.

I'm going to assume what he meant by that was he loves all my projects at the house and wishes I would do more!  Say no more hun...I already thought of something new on the plane ride home!

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